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Please read this introduction - it contains important information regarding the way the UMICOS site works

This wizard will guide you through the steps required to open a company account.
Opening a company account implies registering a new user and a new company on the UMICOS site. The newly registered user is automatically assigned the role of Company Administrator, giving him access to both the 'Company User' areas of the site such as support forums and packages browser as well as access to the 'Company Administrator' areas of our site, such as billing and project management.
The Company Administrator privilege can be transfered to another company user once the company has been created through the Company Management page.

Under the UMICOS site, licensed packages are associated with projects. A Company Administrator can create and manage projects associated with his company account. Projects are effectively a list of users associated to them and UMICOS packages. A user who is added to a given project is given access to all the packages associated with the project.

After you will complete this wizard, you will be redirected to The Umiverse - the section in the site devoted to registered UMICOS users. Under this section, you will be allowed to create and edit projects, manage billing settings and so on.

In summary, the following steps are required to start using the various UMICOS packages:
  1. Complete this signup wizard
  2. Verify your e-mail address by clicking a link which will be sent after completing this wizard
  3. Sign up to your newly created account
  4. Experiment with our evaluation offerings (optional)
  5. Create a new project
  6. Invite your developers to join the project
  7. Start developing
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